Fire and smoke raged from the village buildings that surrounded the stone fortress. Swarms of knights exited the castle in a struggle to defend what little of the villages were left. The attackers increased in number as more appeared from an unseen hideout in the mountains. The head knights frantically tried to herd the village people into the one place that had the best protection; the castle. The king and queen were in an emergency council meeting to try and figure out how to protect their precious planet.
“There’s nothing we can do, let them come and just save the people you can.” The king’s advisor told the other members of the council.
“No!” the king slammed his fist down on the table, “I will not abandon the people like this!”
The queen comfortingly put her arm around her husband’s shoulder as she dismissed the council so he could be left alone. Soon enough, however, the doors of the throne room swung open to reveal the king’s messenger.
“What’s the report?” The queen said firmly.
“Our defences are holding their position around the castle, but the backup defences are running out and there seems to be no end to their supply of knights. Our knights are bringing the surviving people into the castle for protection but no one seems to know what to do. The humanity colony has been destroyed with the few remaining people seeking refuge among the other colonies. The courage and intelligence colonies are still mostly standing but the attackers are yet to reach the strength colony. However, they are on their way.” The messenger said breathlessly.

The queen walked towards the messenger and handed him a silver key, “this will open the vaults beneath the castle. Take all the villagers and people inside the castle to them and protect yourselves. Take whatever supplies you need. We will protect Enduur.”

The messenger nodded and rushed to get everyone to safety. The queen closed the doors to the throne room and said to the guards outside, “Let no one inside.”
The guards nodded and did as they were instructed.

Queen Imeyna walked back to the king who was sitting on his throne rubbing his forehead in distress. She said, “You know we have to send them. We have no choice but to believe that they will come to save us in the future.”

“I know we must Imeyna, but… is there no other way?” The king asked.
“If there was, you would know, Reginald. But I fear this is our only option.” She replied.
“Then do it quickly or it will all be for nothing!”
The queen smiled sympathetically and went to give the signal.

The ancient Enduurian prophecy states that the four children of Enduur will one day return and save the planet from the darkness that is attacking it. But they will only be able to do this by harnessing the virtues of strength, courage, humanity and wisdom together, or all Enduur would remain in darkness forever.

The prophesised four children from each of the colonies would be sent to the nearest safe planet, Earth. They would have to forget everything about their life on Enduur in order they could survive leaving their home planet. So their memory had to be clouded, to ensure that one day they will remember Enduur and return to save it. However, no one knew how long it would take.


Hey All,
Sorry i haven’t been writing in a really long time but my excuse is that I’ve been rewriting the whole book.
Many character names have now changed and there are new plot twists and events.

If you have already read up to Chapter 15 of my book, i would strongly advise to start from the beginning because a lot of things won’t make sense…

I hope you will forgive me for not writing in a long time but i promise that the outcome will be way better than what it would have been.

I will delete all the previous chapters in order to prevent confusion and will start posting the rewritten chapter ASAP.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments and i will get back to you.


Bek 🙂

Book Review – The Eidolon Chronicles.

Title: The Eidolon Chronicles                                           Books: 3
Author: Jane Johnson                                                        -Book 1: The Secret Country
Main Characters: Benjamin Arnold, Iggy,                          -Book 2: The Shadow World
Isadora, Ellie and The Dodman.                                       -Book 3: Dragon’s Fire

Summary: This book is about a family, the Arnolds, who think they are no different from the rest discover that they have a connection with the other world – Eidolon. They discover that there mother, Isadora, is the queen of Eidolon. She left the Secret Country and fell in love with a human and then as she was gone they non-magic Earth made her sick. VERY sick. As she got sicker, her world got sicker and started dying too. The Dodman, in Eidolon and just a humble shop owner on Earth take over Eidolon and torture and murder the creatures because he wants to rule and be the most powerful. Benjamin Arnold and his new cat friend, The Wanderer (also known as Iggy) have to battle to take back Eidolon and they will all soon discover the power of a name.

Why I liked this book: I really enjoyed this book because it was an epic adventure of friendship, courage and magic. It is a fantasy story (My favourite genre) with mythical creature and it shows how much friendship and trust are important in the world.

My Favourite Character: My favourite character is Iggy or the wanderer because he is funny cat who always tries to be or the smartest and most courageous but he isn’t.

By Rebekah Barrettjane-johnson-shadow-worldjane-johnson-secret-countryjane-johnson-dragons-fire

Book Review: The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud

ark rredTitle: The Ark, The Reed and The Fire Cloud.
Author: Jenny L. Cote.
Main Characters: Max, Liz, Al, Kate.
Series: The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz.

Summary: Max,(A Black Scottish Terrier), is called by God ( Who they call the Maker) to follow the fire cloud he has put in the sky. He was told by his friend Gillamon to take a reed with him because he was called through the reeds. The reed helps him through many troubles. On the journey Max makes many friends who have also been called by God 2 by 2. Which includes, Liz: A petite black french cat, Al: a fat Irish ginger cat and Kate: a white Scottish dog. As they continue the journey they make many other animal friends like: bulls, horses, birds and chickens. Max and Kate , the two dogs, fall in love as with Al and Liz. When they make it to the ark troubles are still ahead. A snake is going around terrorizing people and pretend to be Max’s friend. But the Maker helps them through.

Why I enjoyed it: I enjoy this book because it is a bible story from the point of view of someone else. In this case the animals. It is also a great way to show trust, friendship and care. This book has 5 parts and 66 chapters. There is another book in the series called ” The Dreamer, The Schemer and The Robe”. I recommend this book to everyone, not just children.

I rate this book 10/10.
Written by Rebekah Barrett.


Hello All,

This is a blog for a Fiction, Fantasy Story.
It is about a teenage girl who believes she is as ordinary as it gets. However, an old women she encounters on Earth tells her otherwise.
The girl is a part of an old Enduurian prophecy stating that four children of Enduur will one day return to their home planet to save the people from the evil which lurks there.

But the children will need to work together with their important virtues of Wisdom, Strength, Courage and Humanity in order to succeed. Battling through enemies, self esteem and heartbreak will the children free Enduur or will it be stuck in darkness forever?

Hope you Enjoy 🙂

I will be posting them up in chapters so i hope i dont keep you waiting on the cliffhangers too long 🙂